Chikara is about three sisters who wanted to create a unique line of jewlery that would provide an inspiring and personal perspective as we enter the new millennium.

One wintery Saturday afternoon the call came in. Our sister Jennifer had been in a near death accident while on vacation in Mexico. While walking along the roadside, she and her friend, Julie were hit from behind by a truck. The driver
was extremely intoxicated. The nearest hospital was an hour and a half away. Julie died upon arrival. Jennifer was air-lifted home with a concussion, a shattered vertebrae, multiple fractures, and more. The experience caused all of us to
look at the bigger picture. Life is a very precious gift and we want to appreciate each moment with those we love.

Jennifer is an artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She specializes in sculpture, hand papermaking, printmaking and book arts. The image for the Chikara Realms were thumbnail sketches she drew while recuperating from her accident.

Cindy is a consultant in various business sectors, including jewelry.

Wendi owns a wholesale jewlery company based
in Minneapolis and New York, which sells to major retailers nationwide.

We created the 16 realms of Chikara as personal reminders of various aspects of our lives. We hope you will enjoy these symbols and find comfort wearing them as you go through your process of growth, transformation, or whatever it may be. And what a wonderful gift to give to someone you really care about.